Welcome to the  blog website of Mick Blacker.
A few decades of time passing brings me to the arrival lounge of this website and I find it very exciting to be at this point.

There is a long journey of some thirty years attached to this blog, which brings into existence the very words you are reading right now. It would be quite easy to write a book with all of the things I want to say at this point, and expand on the journey mentioned above, but I believe having pondered over the first topic for this publication for quite some time, the journey can and will become apparent over subsequent editions. The suggestion of writing a complete book has been suggested by more than one individual in recent months to me, but the time however is another matter and the whole point and intention for this blog is to provide something interesting, relevant and intelligent.  (The latter of course is for you the reader to decide)!  The book may well come along in the fullness of time. (Watch this space). On this site you will over time have the opportunity to read short motivational blogs and one line sentences from a student of life that has come to realise over many years that there is far more to life than working and that life is there to be grabbed with enthusiasm when opportunity comes knocking on the door.

Life is for living and meant to be FUN !!

Over time you will have opportunity to read the positivity and inspiration of a philosophical approach to life and all that it brings  to each of us with a rich pattern of emotion and experience that life delivers. I look forward to writing the postings that you will find here in the future. I hope that you will enjoy reading them.

So who is this Mick Blacker bloke ?

I am a husband to a wonderful lady, father to two amazing sons, an entrepreneur, property developer, property investor, financial trader,  trading seminar presenter, blog writer, speaker and spiritual medium.  My mediumship website is mickblacker-spiritualistmedium.com

From early days at High school, working for myself had an appeal that has never left me. Self employment is in my DNA. Doing what you love is a passion because you just do it regardless.

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds”.- Napoleon Hill.

I first read Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” around 1991. Never has a book had such an impact on my thinking. The philosophies detailed within are so relevant today as they were at its first publication in August 1937. The other major influence on me has been listening to the now timeless classic… “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. I have worn many hats throughout my business life. Carpenter & joiner by profession. Started along with a business partner a shopfitting business in 1981 with £50 cash and a credit card. Built the business into a Limited company.

•Costed, designed, presented and project managed shopfitting & refurbishment projects up to £1.5M in value.
•Property developer, industrial,commercial, residential.
•Financial trading. (Passion for end of day UK stocks trading).
•Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple ‘introduction to trading’ seminar.
•Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple ‘spread trading the FTSE course’.
•Love meeting people and talking about ideas. Seeing any project go from an idea to reality is a wonderful thing.
• Blog writing.
• Making the coffee.