A thought about God

The Fatherhood of God.
One of the attributes of human beings is the ability to be a free spirit and thus free in our thinking. This is a true great freedom open to all. However it is the tyranny and often the evil of man over the ages & into the present day that suppresses very often an individuals thinking. There should be no set dogma or creed that affects our approach and thoughts on this subject of who or what God is.
I personally do not possess scientific qualifications in any way, but I do consider myself a logical individual. Thus our relationship with the whole ethos of the spirit within is very much approached from a logical way with science to support such.
I am of the view that some things within our known universe are not easily explained.
However, the Fatherhood of God is explained simply as the power of the universe itself. There is a power greater than any human can comprehend, greater than we will perhaps ever understand. It is that higher level of intelligence; that all encompassing supreme power that binds and connects all living things that is the universe. A power that is so intelligent, it is the power of nature and humanity all encompassing as one. A power that allows everything in nature to happen from the rising and setting of the sun each day and everything in between. It is a power that understands our thoughts and emotions and responds to us accordingly when those thoughts are backed with emotion. It does this because the Universe understands the language of our thoughts and emotions.
This is the Parent of all things. The Fatherhood of God.



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