Become allergic! Put some cream on the sour.

Become allergic! Put some cream on the sour.

Why is that some people around us (and we all know them), seem to have an existence  here on this planet to be rude, awkward and some just poisonous in their whole attitude and behavior to others?

There could be many reasons for a person’s  certain attitude or behavior, and  it is not our place to make judgments upon them because they are are living their life and we are living ours. Inside they could well be hurting from something that has happened to them and the pain is outwardly showing.  This is often an outward reflection of themselves inside.These things can be noticed in people around us that we have interaction with regularly and it can be ‘out of the ordinary’ for them, in which case if we know them well, can raise the subject and usually sort it out.

Then  there are those whose main purpose  and objective is to cause pain and grief both verbally and by deed.

‘Its not what they say, it’s the way they say it’.  How many times have you said that? Or heard others say it of people?

Been there, done that, got the tee shirt !

Allergic to negative people

All of us are responsible for the words that come from our mouth and the actions we do, for reaction every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. It is this simple premise that some don’t understand or simply choose to ignore. These are the individuals that you need to wear ‘mental armor’ in your interactions with. Be prepared in your dealings and become allergic to them! Get some sour cream. Put some cream on the sour! If you need  or have to be around negative people, keep it limited to the minimum that you can so that you are not exposed any longer than necessary.

Negative minded people can destroy their own ideas, plans, and dreams. Worst still is their ability to destroy those same things that belong to other people around them.  Don’t let anyone steal from you your own ideas, plans, and dreams. They belong to you and no one else. This all comes down  personal responsibility or perhaps more to the point, lack of it. We all have it and we should all use it by demonstrating it in the way in which we live our lives. What we do and say affects others which is our responsibility. What others do and say to us their responsibility to us. The only way that others’ words and deeds can affect us is actually our own personal choice. In other words how we ‘react’ to it. This choice is made by us alone and to which, we have a personal responsibility to ourselves to not let others affect us. This can take practice, but it is very possible.

You and you alone control your thoughts, so don’t let anyone take them over by invading your head with negativity.

Become allergic !!



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