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In human terms, integrity is having the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Throughout history, on many occasions it has been noted the great downfall of those in high places and authority and likewise to people that we perhaps know or know of.
We see this more perhaps today than ever before.
We are inflicted constantly with 24/7 news channels that seem constantly informing us of police officers, political scandal, banks, high powered individuals indulging in corruption of some sort.
Integrity is not necessarily an inherent characteristic, but it is something that should be taught to impressionable minds at a young age when a parent can make it clear to their child about right from wrong, honesty, morals and being ethical in all matters.
If you have integrity, it does not matter what others say about you, because you carry yourself in such a manner that is there for all to see. We are each responsible for our own actions.
Integrity carries with it Personal responsibility.

It is one of the easiest things in the world to do. Condemn, criticise and complain about others.
Yes, do complain if you have received lousy service, or poor quality in a restaurant or a service of some sort. You are paying the wages!
The point here is that we don’t know what others are going through or have come through and it is not for us to comment on the way they are talking, dressing, behaving of carrying themselves. What we see in others we often see and don’t like in our own image!

One of the traits of being human is a trait that can be so powerful over a long time it can affect an individuals’ life in such a way to damage their own self image.
Talking yourself down is so easy. Be proud of your achievements and absolutely everything that you have accomplished in your life, no matter how small they may be in your view.
Life is not a destination, it is a journey and is made up of many small, sometimes seemingly insignificant things at the time but they all collectively make up the bigger picture. The bigger, longer term picture of you.

You don’t know just how powerful you are as an individual. We often hear the phrase, ‘you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try’. How true this is. When little ones are learning how to walk, they try to get up, struggle, get up again, struggle, and then maybe succeed. They fall down, they get up again. They fall down, they get up again. Repeat, repeat and they eventually walk.
Why is this? It is because it is natural and it is what they want to achieve.
It is built in to achieve this. It is programmed within us all. Nobody tells their child that you wont ever walk by doing that, so don’t even bother! The child will just go ahead and do it anyway! So why do we punish ourselves with this incessant little voice that we listen to all too often? You cant do this! You will never achieve that! Who is saying this to you? You are! Sometimes you need to take stock of whom you are listening to, and unless it is the voice that is saying ‘go ahead, I can do this’, don’t listen!
No one including you has the right to tell you that you cannot do something, so next time sometime someone does or you yourself does, ignore them. Go and do it anyway! You are you, nobody else is living your life. you are unique with special gifts and talents. Go and use them! Use the power that is in you, unique to you from within.

Your spirit, your soul, your essence of character is that power within you. celebrate your uniqueness. There is absolutely no one like you at all. Think about that a moment. That is awesome! When you realise and indeed accept that you are unique and like no other, be grateful for this, all that you are and have in this world. Make that connection with the higher intelligence that masters this universe in which we reside. With realisation of your self as one, at one within the vastness of time and the universe it will appear even more unique and fulfilling to you.
Invoke that power within by sitting alone in silence, clearing your mind of the noise and clutter that we all deal have to deal with. Enjoy that power that you will feel, and take comfort in knowing that a higher supreme power is around you. You will be empowered to achieve anything that you have set your mind to achieve.

You are your own relationship manager!
We interact with fellow humans very single day of our lives, whether, spouse, partners, family, friends, work colleagues, clubs etc.
Our interactions often are are a reflection of how we feel inside and not necessarily how we are on the outside.
Be good to yourself also, because the one you speak to the most is yourself! Self talk goes on all the time often subconsciously because we do it all the time. What we say to ourselves, our thoughts, and as we all know, thoughts become things. So be good to yourself in thoughts and deed.
We have a personal responsibility to conduct ourselves in such a way that is conducive with creating and continuing that good harmony in all our relationships in whatever capacity it may be in. So always be a manager. A good relationship manager will never have to deal with complaints!.

In any endeavour, if you did your best and you know in all honesty that you did, what more can you do? Yes there is always room for improvement, but the important thing is to learn from mistakes and take that knowledge with you next time.
We all have to deal with situations that can be uncomfortable to handle, but if you deal with it head on, accepting that the outcome may not be what you necessarily want, but if you think it through beforehand and accept what the worst case scenario outcome may be; then you may well be dealing with something than can only be better than the outcome that you have in your mind already accepted. This turns that negative into a positive.

Treating others as you would yourself is not simply being polite, it is being honest with integrity to others. We don’t know what their situation is, they have feelings like you and me, they feel love, hate, anger, compassion, and all the other emotions that we each experience. So if they feel all these things, it makes them human also! Be kind. Have respect, no matter what they look like or dress like. This is the sharing and taking part in the Brotherhood of man.

Inspiration is all around us. In architecture, art, music (my passion), and people!
Children inspire with their simplicity of things. Why do we grow out of this?
Children have a great way of looking at things and accepting what is for what it is.
We are not all going to change the world in our lifetime, but we can change the things around us and our environment for the better. We can do our part by making a difference to someone or something. A cause that we are passionate about perhaps.
When we leave this life, our gravestone should read ………‘they made a difference’.

Our uniqueness of spirit and soul is why we are all different on the inside so we are not ordinary by any means. Whatever endeavour you pursue do it with excitement and enthusiasm. Do everything like this! People will recognise the passion that you have for what you doing and want to be part of it. Going the extra mile in everything you do is not a chore if you love that you are doing. Even if it is a chore, if you over deliver on an expectation then you are going the extra mile. This attitude running throughout absolutely everything you do will pay dividends to you. It may not come from the source where you delivered a service to but may come from somewhere else. This is universal law that cannot be broken.
So go and make ordinary into EXTRAordinary.
Never give up on anything.
Once you have made up your mind up to start a project, any endeavour, see it through, don’t stop. Sometimes results for things take a long time, but keep sowing those seeds, some of them will take root. When they do, feed them, water them. All ideas are like new born babies. they need to be fed and watered and nurtured. It will come good.
You must have a reason though. A reason to keep going.
If the dream is big enough the facts do not count!

Never give up! Giving up is the easy option. History is littered with people that gave up when the going got a bit tough, or critics crept into their space and overpowered their thought process.
Don’t let this happen to you. Listen to only you if you have a dream. Always keep a picture by you and carry it everywhere with you to inspire you and remind you why you are doing something and following that dream. If you could not achieve it, you would not have had the idea in the first place. If the dream is big enough the facts do not count!
Never give up!



From early days at High school, working for myself had an appeal that has never left me. Self employment is in my DNA. “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds". - Napoleon Hill. • Doing what you love is a passion because you just do it regardless. - Mick Blacker. I first read Napoleon Hill’s classic book "Think and Grow Rich" around 1991. Never has a book had such an impact on my thinking. The philosophies detailed within are so relevant today as they were at its first publication in August 1937. The other major influence on me has been listening to the now timeless classic...” The Strangest Secret”, by Earl Nightingale. . I have worn many ‘hats’ throughout my business life. Carpenter & joiner by profession. Started along with a business partner a shopfitting business in 1981 with £50 cash and a credit card. Built the business into a Ltd company. • Costed, designed, presented and project managed shopfit & refurb projects up to £1.5M in value. • Property developer, industrial,commercial, residential. • Financial trading. (Passion for end of day UK stocks trading).Trading from home has led to the formation of Trade So Simple with my two fantastic sons. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'introduction to trading' seminar. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'spread trading the FTSE course'. • Love meeting people and talking about ideas.Seeing any project go from an idea to reality is a wonderful thing. • Blog writing. • Making the coffee.

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