Your journey. Your life.

Your journey. Your life.

Life’s pathway is there not only for walking or sometimes running. It is also for slowing into a lower gear and observe. Where are you? Where are you right now ? Is where you are; where you want to be? If it is so, it does not mean you have arrived. Far from it! Your present place is the sum total of your own thoughts and actions. The place where you are right now is not a destination. Success in any endeavour is the journey not a destination.

Even so; if you are in the place you want to be  it is temporary. All things evolve and change. Take the flower. It started with the seed. It was nourished, fed with life giving minerals and water to become a bud. It continues to grow. The bud became bigger and more vivid. It became no longer that small bud, but opened and blossomed and matured. It came into being to give joy, to be admired for what it is; beautiful, open, adored, loved and inspiring. We too are like the flower. Simplicity in ourself and yet so complex in the self environment within the universe. We too begin as that tiny seed of life; develop in bud; evolve into flower; open out into that unique individual; that uniqueness of soul; that uniqueness of self; that uniqueness of spirit.

Along the way, we gain knowledge of the basic’s of life itself. We enjoy that journey as children; we observe the warmness of the summer on our bodies; the chill of winter and the falling of the leaves in the fall then watch them go back to the earth; then once again the buds come back and life continues it’s journey. There is no destination in the seasons; there is no destination in life. It is simply a journey. A journey of emotions filled with experience of all things. The journey is quite simply ………….. simple. A childlike simpleness, uncluttered, unfettered, unblemished. Treat your journey with care. Feel that emotion; that feeling of awe as when a child you saw snow for the first time. Think of that time right now. The child’s smile. Don’t leave it. Take it with you on your journey. Your journey. Your life.






From early days at High school, working for myself had an appeal that has never left me. Self employment is in my DNA. “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds". - Napoleon Hill. • Doing what you love is a passion because you just do it regardless. - Mick Blacker. I first read Napoleon Hill’s classic book "Think and Grow Rich" around 1991. Never has a book had such an impact on my thinking. The philosophies detailed within are so relevant today as they were at its first publication in August 1937. The other major influence on me has been listening to the now timeless classic...” The Strangest Secret”, by Earl Nightingale. . I have worn many ‘hats’ throughout my business life. Carpenter & joiner by profession. Started along with a business partner a shopfitting business in 1981 with £50 cash and a credit card. Built the business into a Ltd company. • Costed, designed, presented and project managed shopfit & refurb projects up to £1.5M in value. • Property developer, industrial,commercial, residential. • Financial trading. (Passion for end of day UK stocks trading).Trading from home has led to the formation of Trade So Simple with my two fantastic sons. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'introduction to trading' seminar. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'spread trading the FTSE course'. • Love meeting people and talking about ideas.Seeing any project go from an idea to reality is a wonderful thing. • Blog writing. • Making the coffee.

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