Mission: Impossible people

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Some people
What the heck ?
How many times have we heard this, or even said it ourselves when interacting or having to deal with a particular individual? It is not rare either, because we all know one at least one person like it!
Some individuals seem to have a mission in the their life to be awkward, nasty and downright rude. Dealing and interacting with such people is so difficult because they make it so. They make everything difficult, for both themselves and everyone around them.
The interaction between two or more people is an art. An art in human relations and people skills.
This is something that we should learn as youngsters or at least we should do. However we all know of some individual where this seems to have by-passed them or they have perhaps chosen to ignore it. The important thing to know is this. It is not your fault ! Simple! No one has the right to control another person and if they attempt to, it demonstrates a lack of something in their own psyche. No one can enter your mind and the space within without your permission to live there, so be aware of the energy vampires in this world that will attempt to. Working alongside other people is like how a joiner will work with wood. If you plane the wood against the grain, the wood firs up and is difficult to deal with and work. However, working with the direction of the grain, straight away it becomes so much easier to work. And so it is with human interaction. Work in a spirit of cooperation and life is so much easier all round.
The human psyche is the soul and mind of the individual. That in itself is unique. We are all unique. Our fingerprints, our DNA, all unique. Do not allow others to inflict their views, their baggage of toxicity of problems and issues onto you. Your life is your own personal journey and that must contain happiness of the soul with depth, meaning & understanding. If it does not, address the issues and the people that are causing your unhappiness head on.
Our mission in life is to enjoy the journey with the intricate tapestry that it creates and be as successful as we can with the talents that we have & bring them to the table of life. Sometimes the valleys may seem long and deep, but know that the mountain tops are there for the taking.
So when it all seems impossible, simply know that its not impossible at all. It is people that make it so, with their own uniqueness of self, bringing all their drama & trauma with them, so its down to you to change something because they will most certainly not. You cannot change the individual(s) that are there causing the pain for you and indeed themselves, so don’t waste your energy on even trying. If you need to make changes, make them. Rid yourself of unhappiness and move forward knowing that you have made the correct decision. It is not impossible!

We are each born with the wings of flight.
We are meant to fly in the air like the wings of an eagle.

Do it and don’t look back !



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