The grass is not always greener at all ……

The greener grass that is not !

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Some people on this earth, seemingly have a life mission to belittle and decry others!

When an individual wants to break out of conformity from the status quo of social generalities of their peers and those around them, there is always without fail, someone, (possibly singular and or plural) that will object. The objection will be on grounds of most likely jealousy on their part.
The jealousy will be completely unfounded and can manifest into hurtful and potentially damaging outcomes. The person that is now different in their eyes is not necessarily wanting to be different but is simply looking to change some things in their life. The fact remains that if you want to change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life.
One thing in life is for certain and that is change is inevitable. Sometimes this happen in our life that we have no control over like an illness or a sudden death. However, some things we can change and we can do this quite freely in our mind. It is a simple mindset. In other words if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then change something!
Now when we as individual’s decide and make that very conscious decision to make changes, it affects those around us, both at home and our peers. When we make changes, we change as the individuals we are. People and those not in or on  the same vehicle will get left behind.

Success in any endeavour has a price. That price is the individuals’ unique price. By this I mean that we all have unique circumstances and to affect change those circumstance will be affected.
Also, the price tag may not be financial, it may be time that is the price, it may be relationships with others.
It is when an individual decides to do something for themselves that will, in the long term better their own circumstance whether for material gain or not. It could be a goal that they have set and simply go after it, there will those around achieving individual that will become jealous and envious simply because they are doing in their own eyes better than they are!
This is actually very sad indeed! People should never decry anyone for being different than they are.

Why do people do this ? It is jealousy! It is envy! It is fear on their part because their friend or colleague has actual had the bravery and to break out and be different.

It is the same in any endeavour, whether it is related to work colleagues, a club, a committee or any other vocation that you can think of.
People are scared of change. They see it has a big scary monster for some reason. It is a reflection of themselves in reality. In other words they would inwardly like to be achieving like the person they are jealous and envious of that is moving ahead, but they are fearful of change and to break the mould of conformity.
When others see successful people or people immediately around them moving on they are looking at the face value of it. They may see the trappings of success as material things like cars and the house etc, but what they also fail to see is the effort, the time, the sweat and sometimes the heartache that has gone into it and is perhaps still going through. This is overlooked. Read ….. because-we-just-dont-know . They also neglect to see the fact that they can do exactly the same if they wished. Most people won’t of course because it means taking action. Action on their part, and action actually means doing something. For most people life consists of going to school, getting an education and then to work for the rest of their working lives. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. However, in our working lives, we go to work for say nine hours per day, we sleep for say eight hours per day. That is only seventeen hours! So what about the other seven hours? This time can be utilised to make a life, not just a living! Those that decry others will spend that time perhaps watching watching television! Some will have hobbies. Nothing wrong at all in any of those activities. However some will perhaps take their hobby to a different level, taking it seriously and perhaps make it into a business. Watching television will not assist you in achieving your goals.
This is what I would refer to as the work, telly, bed routine. For some, the work telly bed routine is their life; for the whole of their life!

They look at the grass over there when looking at others & what they may appear to have, then automatically think it is greener over there! Well in truth appearances are very deceptive, and what one sees on the outside is not always what is going on in reality. The moral here is….. The grass is not always greener at all !
We all know such individuals. Instead of them doing something for themselves and their family to be better perhaps financially or to simply be better individuals, it is far easier to stay with what they know and not break out of their comfy routine.

In truth, all the success that the minority aspire to, is available to anyone. Anyone that is, who is prepared to make effort and go after what it is they want. That goal, that long term plan, that lifelong ambition of something.
We are not clones in this world. If we were all the same, life would be so mundane and boring.
The world needs individuals with ambition, drive, goal seekers, pioneers. You are your own pioneer! Do not allow others to steal your dream. You are you ! Go after whatever your dream and goal is. It is your life, your journey. Your journey is personal to you. Do what is right for you. Do not accept mediocrity as part of you and your life in any way. Do not allow others to dictate your gaols and decry you of your own success in whatever your chosen endeavour is.

Conformity is the enemy of prosperity. – Emerson.

You are the driver. You are in your driving seat.
Go! Be your pioneer for you.!



From early days at High school, working for myself had an appeal that has never left me. Self employment is in my DNA. “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds". - Napoleon Hill. • Doing what you love is a passion because you just do it regardless. - Mick Blacker. I first read Napoleon Hill’s classic book "Think and Grow Rich" around 1991. Never has a book had such an impact on my thinking. The philosophies detailed within are so relevant today as they were at its first publication in August 1937. The other major influence on me has been listening to the now timeless classic...” The Strangest Secret”, by Earl Nightingale. . I have worn many ‘hats’ throughout my business life. Carpenter & joiner by profession. Started along with a business partner a shopfitting business in 1981 with £50 cash and a credit card. Built the business into a Ltd company. • Costed, designed, presented and project managed shopfit & refurb projects up to £1.5M in value. • Property developer, industrial,commercial, residential. • Financial trading. (Passion for end of day UK stocks trading).Trading from home has led to the formation of Trade So Simple with my two fantastic sons. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'introduction to trading' seminar. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'spread trading the FTSE course'. • Love meeting people and talking about ideas.Seeing any project go from an idea to reality is a wonderful thing. • Blog writing. • Making the coffee.

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