Happiness. Some things you can’t buy in the sales.

There are some things that cannot be bought. You can’t buy it in the sales.

Some people spend their money wisely in their own opinion. Some people don’t. Some people spend their time wisely in their own opinion, Some people don’t. We do this because we have choices. We all have personal choices. Choices that affect every part of of our life.Buying ‘stuff’ to surround ourselves with ‘things’ that will make us happy or supposedly make us happy may work for a period of time but can wear off when the next ‘shiny’ object comes along. We have a responsibility with our choices. Responsibility to ourselves, our spouse, our family our friends and the wider circle of people around us. We have a responsibility because every action we make has an equal or opposite reaction. This is natural law that cannot be changed. It is a fact. So with all our actions and the consequence of them relies on us as individuals.

There is one thing however that cannot be bought. You don’t buy at a reduced price either from anywhere and yet it is one of the most valuable things that a human can possess. Happiness! In the words of the Ken Dodd song..   “Happiness, happiness, the greatest thing that I possess”. Happiness is overlooked constantly. Why? because we are all so busy, busy, busy, doing our stuff. Observe others on their way to work in traffic, on the train, on the tube. Very few look happy. The routine of life can take us over and ‘life’ can become a force bearing down on us that can take the happiness away. Observe on the other hand the look of wonderment on a child’s face as they see something say like snow for the first time. It is magical. We lose this into adulthood and that element of happines can go with it.

Buy in the sales

Happiness is inside. Your own personal happiness is there. You have to unlock it, because you have the key and only you. It is there right now. You just have to open the box. You’re the only one with the key.You are the happiness box. How do you open the box? Attitude. Attitude is the key  because you and you alone control your attitude to everything that you say, do and react to. So don’t get so busy with ‘stuff’ of life that your own happiness is sacrificed, because you can’t buy it, but you can be happy with every situation. It’s how you react and what you say that matters no matter what it is. So don’t go out looking for it because you won’t find it. It is already there, inside. Just open the box.

Happiness. You don’t buy it in the sales.



From early days at High school, working for myself had an appeal that has never left me. Self employment is in my DNA. “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds". - Napoleon Hill. • Doing what you love is a passion because you just do it regardless. - Mick Blacker. I first read Napoleon Hill’s classic book "Think and Grow Rich" around 1991. Never has a book had such an impact on my thinking. The philosophies detailed within are so relevant today as they were at its first publication in August 1937. The other major influence on me has been listening to the now timeless classic...” The Strangest Secret”, by Earl Nightingale. . I have worn many ‘hats’ throughout my business life. Carpenter & joiner by profession. Started along with a business partner a shopfitting business in 1981 with £50 cash and a credit card. Built the business into a Ltd company. • Costed, designed, presented and project managed shopfit & refurb projects up to £1.5M in value. • Property developer, industrial,commercial, residential. • Financial trading. (Passion for end of day UK stocks trading).Trading from home has led to the formation of Trade So Simple with my two fantastic sons. http://tradesosimple.com/ • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'introduction to trading' seminar. • Joint presenter of the Trade So Simple 'spread trading the FTSE course'. • Love meeting people and talking about ideas.Seeing any project go from an idea to reality is a wonderful thing. • Blog writing. • Making the coffee.

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