Why we should not forget. Ever !


The first world war was subsequently referred to as ‘The war to end all wars’. That was a title that would have been relevant then because of the sheer brutality, bloodiness and  horror of man’s cruelty to fellow man. The final total killed during that conflict of 1914-18 were around 37,500.000. This figure is incomprehensible.There were of course many wars prior to this and have been many subsequently.

So what has mankind learned in those 101 years since the start of WW1? I venture to say not a great deal! By this I mean,  yes mankind has ‘progressed’ in terms of technology and achievement. This has happened to such a height and scale that it is completely amazing where mankind is now in terms of human achievement. However, we live now in an age where everything is instant. Instant food, instant credit, instant communications, and gratification on everything that we do if we so want it. But is this progress? Is this really the reality of what we meant by freedom? We are surrounded everyday by demands upon our time. Time that is so precious. We have to be here, we have to be there. We must do this, we must do that, and it all usually means by a certain time or deadline also. This frantic activity is not just for one day either. Some will live their lives like this constantly either by choice or necessity. And to what end do we do this? How many of us actually stop and be still for a few minutes, quieten the mind and just simply be. Very few of us do this. It is in this age of rushing about going about our daily routine of life that we should do this more than ever before. Those millions that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom, our freedom, they actually laid their lives so that we could live subsequently in a safe world free from tyranny. How many of us take stock of this fact? We do this once per year on remembrance day. What about all the other days of the year? We take so much for granted in this materialistic modern world and leave that to the historians. But if we take that view we are surely missing the point. The fact that we can do what we like and when using the technology readily available to us has come about by those pioneers of enterprise being allowed to progress in a free society. If the outcome of the WW1 and WW2 were somewhat different, we will not be living today how we do. You may not be reading this, because you may not have been taught how to. I may not have written this because I may not have been taught how to. There are so many things in this mad rushing world in which we live today that is simply there before us, that we do not realise what has gone before us and the ultimate price that was paid by so many.

They served with honour. The very least we can do is to honour them. They did not give for no reason. They gave for us. The future of mankind and our freedom. And what has man learned? Mankind has certainly developed and evolved, but the fundamental thing that we have not achieved is to live with each other. We are all unique and we should celebrate this fact. The culture’s and beliefs in this world are manyfold. But we all have one thing in common. We are human beings. What right has one to take over another? None whatsoever. The tyranny of evil persists and until mankind learns that we are all one and connected as one, we will remain to live in isolation from one culture to another.In principle there is nothing wrong with living as separate culture , but when one forces its’s ideals on to another then the friction will persist. This fact will probably never change. However what can change is minds. Those that promulgate evil in the world will receive their rewards in time. For the sake of humanity and its future, we should learn to live with each other. Life is far too short to be going around being so busy, busy, busy living in the modern world where everything is so fast we don’t spare a moment to think about the meaning of what we are and where we are because of those that gave in order for us to be free. The very least we can do is appreciate and have gratitude for what we are and what we have. This is what they gave for. Us !

This is why we should not forget. Ever !



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